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LOVE MERCY. DO JUSTICE. Three Generations Reflect

EUSEBIO PEREZ ──────────────── Eusebio Perez currently leads Canada’s first Hispanic congregation located in Toronto. He served 11 years in Cuba as a pastor, and 40 years in Canada. He was the Spanish National Work Coordinator for Cultural Ministries (1982-2000) and facilitated the establishment of Spanish congregations across Canada. In my youth, a revolution to reset […]

Undocumented But Not Invisible

Please take a moment to see and hear Sandra’s report. Racism is insidiously present even in the different shades between brown and black. In the Dominican Republic Haitians (French Africans) are second class citizens among Dominicans (Spanish Africans). The historical distinction of these two people groups are intertwined with century’s old war and interdependent economic […]

A Timely Delivery

Learn how donors, Nexo, and national leaders working in tandem are meeting urgent needs just in time!