A Timely Delivery

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We often hear how timing is everything! 

NEXO is not a relief agency, but during this COVID-19 pandemic we’ve listened to our national leaders, we continue to pray and work together with them to respond with compassion in these times of unprecedented uncertainty and despair.

We are grateful that when the requests for help began to arrive over a month ago, we were able to respond promptly by empowering national leaders to expand their outreach potential to be present with people in their time of need. A food hamper to address their physical needs and with the living word to nourish their soul and spark hope again. 

Pastors Antonio and Ruth, were among the first to mobilize their local congregation and request our help to reach vulnerable families in his community. Food hampers were delivered to over 30 families. These families were overwhelmed with such unexpected kindness. In one particular home a special moment occurred as the food hamper was received with tears of joy!

The grandmother of the house had been crying out to God as she was hungry, she had run out of food, and there was no one who could help her get groceries to feed her grandchildren. The sight of the pastors and the food hamper was an answer to her desperate cry. She was amazed that the church community would extend such care and love to her, at just the right time, even though she was not part of their local congregation. How amazing!

There is more to be done. By partnering with NEXO’S “Feed  Hope” you can empower a local national leader like Pastor Antonio and His wife Ruth to reach beyond their local community of faith to share a food hamper in the name of Jesus. Who knows what more God can accomplish through our partnership as this pandemic prolongs. 

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